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Shop our most popular Infuzion Lid options. Fits most standard wide-mouth water bottles (Hydro Flask, Nalgene, The Coldest Water, etc.) and works with any liquid flavor enhancers.

  • Easy To Use: Fill your flavor cartridge and turn the dial to infuse fruit flavor and control intensity. Turn it off and get pure water.  So easy!
  • Flavor Cartridge: Refill with ANY liquid water enhancer (Infuze Elixir, Mio, Crystal Light, Stur, Cirkul, etc.)
  • Integrates with MOST standard wide-mouth insulated vessels
  • Eco-Friendly: BPA free and reusable. Our system eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles and cans


The Infuze Bottle Lid is the best water bottle innovation of 2021. Go back and forth from water to flavored water at the turn of a dial. You can use any type of liquid water enhancer drops or Infuze Elixir . The patented system mixes the flavor inside of the lid so that your flavor will never contaminate the water in your bottle. 


✔ Easy To Use: Fill your flavor tank, then turn the dial to adjust flavor intensity.  So easy!

✔ Flavor Tank: Reusable, refillable.  Compatible with any liquid water flavoring (Infuze Elixir, Mio, Crystal Light, Stur, Kool Aid, etc.)

✔ Flavor Dial:  Choose water or flavor.  Control flavor intensity.

✔ Eco-Friendly: BPA free and reusable.  Our system eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles and cans.

✔ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You’ll love it.  If not, you have two weeks to return it for free! 

Address: 316 North 850 West, Building A
Logan Utah
84321 United States

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